Key Business Transactions

Business transactions are the interactions that make up the growth of a business. They are typically exchanges of goods and services for a price or for cash.

The most common transactions are purchasing from vendors, paying for utilities, and selling products or services. Other important transactions include sales agreements, and sales of assets to customers.


Business transactions are events that involve a third party, have monetary value and directly impact the company’s economy. They may include the purchase of goods from a vendor, the sale of goods to a customer or the taking out of loans by a company. These events are important for any company because they provide insight into the profitability of an entity.

A large number of these events indicates that a business is operating successfully and that it is growing. For example, a company with many loan transactions may be entering new markets or expanding its existing ones.

New Relic’s Flow Maps allow you to monitor performance at the business transaction level. This helps engineering teams quickly identify problems with key transactions, such as the getPlans microservice transaction that has long response times for customers.


Purchases are a type of financial operation in which goods and services are exchanged for monetary consideration. It can be a formal process, particularly for larger purchases, or it may be very informal in small businesses. It can be done in cash or credit. Cash transactions typically transfer ownership immediately, whereas purchases on credit typically transfer ownership at some point in the future.

Purchasing departments play an important role in large companies, especially those engaged in manufacturing processes. They ensure that necessary items are available at reasonable prices. They also help curb fraud incidents.

An automated system that keeps purchase information in one place saves time, helps enforce budgets and accountability, and makes it easy to track spending. NextProcess’ procurement system does all of this and more.